Meet the Superhero of Storage Bags

Smelly Proof bags are like no other!

100% odor-proof, reusable again and again, ridiculously tough, and eco-conscious.

No Bad Stuff

Free of BPA, latex and Phthalates. Even our ink is food safe.

One tough Bag

Unbreakable (really, we tried!) seals and a nylon-reinforced outer layer make our bags the toughest kids on the block.

Better for the planet

Each reusable Smelly Proof bag helps to keep hundreds of single-use bags out of oceans, waterways, and landfills.

Made in the US

We're proud to use 100% American labor and materials.

100% Odor Proof

Barrier Technology locks odors, vapors and oxygen in - even the most pungent odors are unsmellable!

FDA Approved

Our bags not only meet, but exceed FDA and USDA standards.

We've Got a Bag for that

From sizes Gallon+ all the way down to Micro, we've got a bag for that. Stinky cheese or smelly gym clothes, sous-vide cooking or organizing your travel bag - we've got you covered.

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