Smelly Proof’s Tips for Your 420 Celebration

420 is right around the corner! This marijuana holiday… yes, it’s a marijuana holiday, is growing like crazy now that more states have legalized recreational marijuana. From pop-up edible stations to outdoor concerts, there are so many ways to celebrate this wild day. Keep your cool this 420 and use these celebration tips to make it the best holiday of the year.

Plan Ahead with Edibles

If you plan on spending the day out and about, you can save yourself some time by bringing edibles instead of trying to smoke in public. Instead of pulling out all your equipment in the middle of a park or on the side of the street, you can quickly pop a delicious treat into your mouth and be on your way. Edibles won’t irritate your lungs and you don’t need to worry about bringing too much attention to yourself.

Plan ahead and make your edibles the night before, so you’ll be ready to go when the holiday arrives. If you want to carry around your edibles and eat them throughout the day, put them in a series of Smelly Proof storage bags. They’re made with durable plastic, so you can rest assured your edibles make it to their destination intact and they come in different sizes whether your packing for one or the squad.

Keep Your Goods Sealed and Secure

Whether you plan on vaping, smoking or enjoying some edibles, make sure you keep your goods secure by putting them in some Smelly Proof storage bags. These bags are smell-proof, so you don’t have to worry about the smell following you around all day. Just close everything in the bag and the odor will disappear. You can also use black Smelly Proof bags if you want to be discrete with your 420 plans.

Get Away from the Hustle and Bustle

If you’re new to marijuana, smoking and being out in public might be a little overwhelming. Large crowds and all that noise might be too much for you to handle. For the best 420 experience, if you're not used to it, try smoking marijuana in a quiet, open space like a park, at the beach, or even at home. See how you feel before committing to an eventful afternoon at a concert or other congested areas. You can always bring along more marijuana in a Smelly Proof bag if you decide you want to give it another try later in the day. And remember different types will make you feel differently so know what your trying.

Bring Snacks and Remember to Hydrate

You’re bound to get thirsty and hungry when you’re walking around on 420. Smoking marijuana can easily make your throat dry, so bring along a few bottles of water. You might also get a case of munchies during all the festivities, so grab a healthy snack for the road like almonds, fresh veggies, and trail mix. If you bring along fatty snacks like potato chips, you might experience a bout of fatigue later in the day. Keep your snacks secure with Smelly Proof storage bags.

420 is becoming all the rage. Enjoy this holiday responsibly with a series of Smelly Proof storage bags. They lock odors and keep your goods secure, taking the stress out of your celebration. Order Smelly Proof bags today to get ready for some safe secure fun!

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