Tupperware has been around for generations as the go-to brand for large plastic food containers. You hand them out to your loved ones, sharing delicious meals with all the important people in your life, but Tupperware is still just a large plastic box with a removable lid. You can’t exactly store these bulky items in your purse or a backpack without taking up too much room. That’s why you might be better off with a flexible plastic bag like the ones from Smelly Proof.


Compact Storage

Tupperware: Tupperware doesn’t exactly deserve a medal for being the most compact storage solution on the market. Their containers retain the same shape regardless of what you put inside. Now try storing one of these rigid containers in your purse or a backpack. A piece of Tupperware will easily take over your entire bag because the container doesn’t bend or flatten in any way. It’s nice for handing off a fresh tray of brownies to your neighbor, but you can’t exactly fit one into your pocket if you need to store something small on the go.

Smelly Proof: Just like a normal plastic bag, Smelly Proof can bend, flatten, and change its shape on a dime. Regardless of what you need to store inside the bag, you can squeeze the bag so that it fits inside your purse or a backpack. Unlike a normal plastic bag, Smelly Proof bags are reusable and durable, so you won’t be tossing it out after just one or two uses. You don’t have to worry about carrying around a large bulky plastic container every time you need to take something to work or school.


Efficient Use of Space

Tupperware: Tupperware is what it is: a plastic container limited to just one set size and shape. If you need to take a small snack with you to school or work, you’ll still have to carry around the large container regardless of how much food you put inside. Simply put, this is not an efficient use of space. You’ll be much better off using a plastic bag that can shrink or enlarge based on how much you need to store inside.

Smelly Proof: Smelly Proof bags can change shape based on how much you put into each bag. They’re made with durable, puncture-resistant plastic that won’t rip or tear as you try to stuff as much as you can into the bag. If you eat some of your food throughout the day, the Smelly Proof bag will get smaller, making more room in your purse or backpack.


Range of Uses

Tupperware: We tend to associate Tupperware with only one thing: storing leftover food. The company has branded itself as a manufacturer of reusable food containers and that’s about it. They have hard edges that make it difficult to store large items with unusual shapes like shoes, large pieces of meat, art supplies, camping supplies, toiletries, fishing gear, or other wearable items.

Smelly Proof: When you buy a Smelly Proof bag, you can use it for just about anything. Whether you’re going camping or you need a place to store your wet clothes after you get out of the gym, Smelly Proof has you covered. No one is going to give you a strange look when you take your wet clothes out of a smell-proof plastic bag, but they might if you try storing your clothes in a piece of Tupperware.


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