While both Smelly Proof bags and Stink Sack bags features smell-proof technology, the two brands couldn’t be further apart. Stink Sack has positioned itself as a name in cannabis odor elimination by creating a range of bags that serve only one purpose, keeping the smell of cannabis out of the air. While this can be great for medical marijuana users and new dispensaries in states where cannabis is legal, many other consumers won’t get much use out of Stink Sack bags. Learn more about the differences between American-made Smelly Proof bags and Stink Sack.


Range of Uses

Stink Sack: Stink Sack sells itself as one a manufacturer of cannabis bags, and that’s about all you can do with their smell-proof bags. Their products have a rigid back lining that’s suited to keeping grams upon grams of marijuana sealed and out of the air. But don’t expect to use Stink Sack when you’re trying to put away leftovers after a big meal or if you’re trying to pack for a picnic. Stink Sack doesn’t lend itself to many different applications such as storing food, wet clothes, dirty diapers, and other household items.

Smelly Proof: Unlike Stink Sack, Smelly Proof bags can be used in just about any situation where you need to keep something smelly out of the air. Smelly Proof is the product of choice for many dispensaries but also offers so much more. With so many different sizes to choose from, you can find a bag for all kinds of smelly items. They have the strength and versatility to store food, clothes, diapers, bath salts, gardening materials, herbs, and just about anything else that you can think of. If you want a smell-proof bag that you can use for all your storage needs, Smelly Proof has you covered.



Stink Sack: When it comes to flexibility, Stink Sack isn’t exactly king. Their bags have a rigid lining that doesn’t bend easily. When you open one up, you’ll quickly realize that the bag was made for one purpose: storing marijuana. The rigid plastic won’t fit around whatever you’re trying to store in the bag. If you’re trying to stuff lots of loose items in the bag, it will only open so far, limiting the storage potential of each bag.

Smelly Proof: On the other hand, Smelly Proof feels like a normal plastic bag with the flexibility to bend and fit around pretty much anything you try to fit inside. This helps you get the most out of every bag because the plastic isn’t as stiff as the kind used in Stink Sack. If you have a dirty pair of shoes or big piece of meat, the bag will open right up. You won’t encounter any tight corners or stiff edges. Smelly Proof bags are made with flexible plastic that can meet all your storage needs.

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