Tips and Suggestions

How to Wash

While our bags are dishwasher
safe, we recommend hand washing with warm soapy water and air drying to get the longest lifespan.

Because our inks are food-safe, repeated trips to the dishwasher may cause the logo to wear off. This does not compromise the stability or strength of the bag.


Fishing + Hunting

Ideally for storing smelly bait, organizing lures or equipment, or keeping important safety items organized and contained.

Camping + Hiking

Store foods, pack out stinky trash, and keep electronics and emergency items safe from water splash!

Everything Outdoors

Our durable Smelly Proof bags make it easy to stay organized and keeps your stuff fresh.

Important Note For Outdoors and animals

While Smelly Proof bags are great for the outdoors -- Smelly Proof bags are NOT a bear bag and are NOT bear proof.



Keep your suitcase, backpack or car easily organized! Smelly Proof bags are leak-resistant - never open your bag to find shampoo or lotion all over your clothes again.

Our bags are ideal for organizing chargers, cords, cosmetics, liquids, jewelry, travel documents, personal items or for keeping shoes and dirty clothes separated from the rest of your bag.

In The Kitchen


Smelly Proof bags are ideal for sous-vide cooking, up to 190o F. Sous-vide, rinse, and reuse-again and again.

Store Anything

Our bags are crafted for long term storage. You can heat seal them to keep everything inside completely protected, and they feature a built-in tear-notch for easy opening.


Our multi-track zipper makes marinating mess-free. Just marinate, rinse, and repeat hundreds of times with just one bag.


Never look for another lid! We have the perfect size for whatever you need to store.


Freeze-thaw-freeze-thaw...hundreds of times with just one bag. Smelly Proof bags are thick and sturdy, making them perfect for freezer storage.



From home to car to backpack, Smelly Proof’s durable bags will help keep you organized and odor-free. Keep stinky gym clothes isolated, dog treats and food safely disguised, tobacco goods stashed, emergency preparedness items dry - We’ve got a bag for whatever you need!

Document Storage

Archival Storage

Smelly Proof black bags block 100% of UV light radiation, and are acid-free and air-tight - making them ideal for storing your precious documents and collections.

Safely store precious photos, documents, stamp and baseball card collections, first edition books... anything you want to preserve is safe inside.