What We're About

Eliminating Single Use Plastic

Every Smelly Proof bag you use keeps hundreds of single-use plastic bags out of our oceans, waterways and landfills.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

We believe in living a more eco-conscious life. That includes locally sourcing our products to cut down on global transport emmisions.

USA Materials + Labor

Our products are made right here in the USA, crafted from the finest American-made materials.

Giving Back

We’re dedicated to keeping our planet, especially our oceans, clean. That’s why 1% of profits from online sales go to conscious causes

What We're Made Of

Call in the Reinforcements

All our bags have a nylon-reinforced outer layer for extra durability.

Thick And Durable

Smelly Proof bags are crafted from 3,4,or 5 mil FDA-approved materials.

Barrier Technology

Creates an ecosystem that blocks air, odors, and vapors from entering or exiting the bag.

UnBreakable Seals

We’re not kidding! Our seals are super tough for extra security.

Multi Track Zipper

A new and improved multi-track zipper for easier opening and a better air-tight seal.

Locally Sourced

All of our materials are sourced locally in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint.

How We're Different

We Care

Giving Back

We grew up surfing and spending time in the ocean, so protecting our seas and waterways is a cause close to our hearts.
Smelly Proof is donating 1% of profits from online sales to efforts to help defend our oceans from the challenges threatening the vitality of the ecosystem - including single-use plastics.

Please help keep our oceans, rivers, lakes, and waterways clean!

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