Keep stinky food odors in their place with smell proof bags & containers

Use Smelly Proof Storage Bags to keep unpleasant odors in their place. Our storage bags come in a collection of perfect sizes for moments like when the leftover fish from the barbecue would make a nice lunch for tomorrow. Need solutions for all your indoor smells and organization around the house? Smelly Proof is here to help! Tidy up Marie Kondo style or just get a jump on spring cleaning! Use a small transparent bag to house everyday items, or go with a large black bag to seal away items you don’t need to see often. We specialize in making life easier for those household needs. What needs? Well how about these durable storage solutions:

smelly proof bag coffee

Lots of sizes for lots of stuff

  • Food Storage

  • Leftovers

  • Packed Lunches

  • Marinating Foods

  • Freezing Foods

  • Dirty Diapers

  • Snacks


Durability you can feel

  • Dog Treats and Toys

  • Ice Packs for Injuries

  • Organize Jewelry

  • Cigar & Tobacco Storage

  • Garden Seeds and Supplies

  • Organize Tools and Hardware

  • Emergency Preparedness Items

smelly proof bag cereal


"The very first thing I tested was Little Smokies with BBQ Sauce – my husband loves them but the smell he does not like. It amazed me so MUCH when I stuck them in the bag and closed it up, you could not smell them at all. I had my husband smell them and my three year old and they were amazed. My daughter said I see something in the bag, but I don’t smell it :) I tried them with onions, spaghetti sauce, casserole and several sauces. You could not smell anything through the bags. I was in shock. I figured the bags would be nice and stuff, but I never imaged that you really would not be able to smell ANYTHING through them. Below is a list of things I think these would be PERFECT for:

  • When you are out and change a diaper and do not have anywhere to trash it

  • Packing stuff for a picnic

  • Put dirty gym clothes in until you can wash them

  • Use them to put dirty shoes in

  • Use them when you pack toiletries and stuff for a trip

This list could honestly go on FOREVER :)"

~ Tori, mother of two

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