Tips - Suggestions

How to Wash

Our bags are dishwasher safe - even on the bottom shelf. For the longest possible lifespan, we suggest hand washing.


Hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, off-roading... our durable and odor-proof bags are the perfect companion for any adventure.


Our bags make travel organization easy. Avoid accidental spills and keep liquids and gels safely contained!

In The Kitchen

IN THE KITCHEN From food storage to freezing, sous-vide cooking to marinating, Smelly Proof bags are a must-have for every kitchen.


ORGANIZATION Keep your car, backpack, suitcase, home, and life organized! We’ve got a bag for that!

Document Storage

DOCUMENT STORAGE Smelly Proof black bags block all UV light and are air-tight - making them ideal for storing and preserving everything from photos to baseball cards.


Wholesale Inquiries

If you are a brick & mortar store and are interested in becoming a Smelly Proof Retailer, or to recommend a retailer, please contact:

*Retail locations only: we do not allow 3rd party e-commerce sales.

Custom Bags

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  • What is the Smelly Proof return policy?

    We have a 30-day No-Hassle return policy. Please contact customer service for any issues or for an RA# Return Authorization Number.

  • Why do Smelly Proof bags cost more than other plastic storage bags?

    Smelly Proof bags are more durable than single-use plastic bags and more importantly they are reusable. They were designed to be cleaned and reused after each use and to minimize waste. When you compare the usability and value of Smelly Proof to other plastic bags, there is acutally a savings over other products.

  • What shipping method is used to ship smelly proof bags?

    USPS is our standard method of shipment and UPS or Expedited services can be selected as well.

  • Which international countries can you ship to?

    We can ship to Canada, the UK, EU countries, and Mexico currently.

  • What is the temperature rating of smelly proof bags?

    -2⁰F(-19⁰C) to 190⁰F(88⁰C) is a safe temperature range for our bags.

  • Can I heat seal a smelly proof bag?

    Yes. Smelly Proof bags can be heat sealed with any food saving device or
    any industrial bar sealer.

  • Are Smelly Proof bags reusable?

    Yes. That is what separates us from other products. Wash with soap and
    water and let air dry. Use a little baking soda if an item with strong odor was stored.

  • How should I clean Smelly Proof bags?

    Wash with soap and water and let air dry. Use a little baking soda if an item with strong odor was stored. The Multi-Track zipper is designed to be opened and closed hundreds of times to Use, Rinse, and Reuse them again and again.

  • Can I put Smelly Proof bags in the dishwasher?

    Yes you can, and they should be washed by hand with soap and water and let air dry to get the best results. The eco-friendly inks come off easier in the dishwasher.