It’s in our roots.

Smelly Proof bags were born out of a necessity. Good weed deserves good care. When someone needed a smell proof bag for their cannabis, there wasn’t a great storage option out there especially for those extra dank strains. That’s where we came in. We created the perfect stash bag for your marijuana and other goods. Our bags aren’t just odor proof. They lock in freshness, are durable to handle whatever you throw their way, and they can be reused over and over. For growers to smoke shops to every day users and everyone in between, Smelly Proof bags are the cannabis industry standard.



  • Smell proof

  • Double zippers

  • Clear or Black bags

  • A size for every need

  • Keeps marijuana fresh

  • Used by hundreds of smoke shops



  • Heat-sealable

  • Puncture-resistant

  • Child-resistant options

  • Bags can be washed & reused

  • Keep odors sealed in for storage

  • Durable plastic to hold up to repeated use



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Since the turn of the millennium, Smelly Proof has been an industry leader in creating indispensable quality, peerless products, and outstanding customer satisfaction. Their smell proof bags are specifically designed to keep odors out of almost any environment and within the bags where you want them to stay!

Smelly Proof bags are heavy duty durable plastic bags constructed to medical grade standards. They’re durable, reusable, and even go as far as to exceed USDA standards for food the storage of food items. Each bag is securely shut with a sturdy locking zipper. Each Smelly Proof bag is liquid, moisture and puncture resistant, they’re a far cry from the plastic bags you’d put your sandwiches in! Each bag is 100% reusable and can be washed and used again repeatedly.


Ready to treat your weed right?

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