How to Stay Organized This Holiday Season

Stay on Top of Your To-Do List with Smelly Proof Storage Bags

The holidays are upon us, so let the mad dash begin. If you’re like most people, your have a lot of responsibilities on your plate this holiday season. From preparing meals to gift-wrapping presents and scheduling parties, sometimes it feels like your holiday to-do list never ends. But if you want to get through the holidays without losing your cool, it helps to stay organized. Learn how Smelly Proof storage bags can help take the stress out of the holidays.


Saving Leftovers and Preparing Ingredients

You’re bound to be in the kitchen more than usual around the holidays. You’ll be baking, making large meals for your loved ones, and preparing appetizers for your next holiday party. But keeping all that food fresh and savory can be a challenge, especially if you’re preparing meals and ingredients in advance.

You can prepare ingredients beforehand and store them in the fridge with Smelly Proof bags. This also comes in handy if you need to bring ingredients over to someone else’s house. They’re even perfect for storing marinades and broths. They lock in liquids and smells, so you don’t have to worry about dealing with a stinky fridge or pantry. Smelly Proof bags come in lots of different shapes and sizes, so you can store just about anything you make in the kitchen.

After you’ve finished eating, you can wrap individual items and leftovers in Smelly Proof storage bags. These durable bags lock in freshness and smells, so you can enjoy your homecooked meals long after they first hit the table.


Stay Organized When Traveling

You’re bound to do some traveling over the holidays as you visit your friends and loved ones. But instead of tossing all your toiletry items in your suitcase, wrap them up in a series of Smelly Proof storage bags for safe keeping. These bags lock in odors and liquids, so you don’t have to worry about stinking up your suitcase or getting shampoo all over your favorite sweater.

You can also use Smelly Proof bags to bring homemade treats to your loved ones. If you want to travel with a tray of freshly-made cookies or brownies, wrap them in a Smelly Proof bag for lasting freshness.


Store Ornaments and Special Decorations

Decorating the tree is an age-old tradition but keeping all those ornaments safe and organized can be a challenge. Some ornaments may be covered in tinsel, glitter, gold or silver, so you need to make sure you keep them secure when they’re not dangling from the tree. You can use Smelly Proof bags to store your family’s ornaments, so they won’t be a tangled mess when you start decorating this year. You can keep all that glitter and tinsel off the floor by keeping your ornaments in a series of secure plastic bags. Smelly Proof bags are also puncture-proof, so those metal hooks won’t tear open your bag of decorations.


Decorating, cooking and shopping are all so much easier when you have Smelly Proof bags at your side. Use them to keep your food, gifts, and decorations out of the way this holiday season. Stock up now before the holiday rush begins.

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