4 Tips for Storing Frozen Food

How to Get Your Food Ready for the Freezer

Putting food in the freezer can be a huge life-saver when you’re trying to save time. You can get your ingredients ready the day before you start cooking or whip out a prepared meal if you’re on a tight schedule. Whether you’re just cooking for yourself or a large family, you can always store your leftovers in the freezer, so you can enjoy them days or even weeks later. But many people don’t know how to prepare their food for the icebox. Reheating and defrosting is a breeze if you know how to get your food freezer-ready. Use these five tips to become a master freezer in your home.

Pack in the Food

Your freezer will have to work twice as hard if there’s only a few things in your icebox. When you don’t keep a lot of food in your freezer, it will fill up with warm air every time you open the door. That is unless your freezer is full of frozen food. If you want your food to freeze fast and stay fresher longer, get in the habit of keeping lots of food in your freezer. If you’re looking for more things to freeze, you can use Smelly Proof bags to store just about anything in the icebox. They come in all shapes and sizes, so the possibilities are endless.

Go Portion-Sized

Have you ever tried to defrost a massive pot of stew or a large piece of meat? Defrosting bulky dishes can take all day, and you have mouths to feed. That’s why it helps to divvy up your food into smaller portions before stashing them in the freezer. If you need a quick snack or a light meal, you can defrost your food in a fraction of the time it would take you to heat up the entire lot.

Smelly Proof makes freezer-safe bags in a wide-variety of sizes, so you can easily freeze an entire meal or individually-wrapped portions for you or your entire family. Remember you can use Smelly Proof bags over and over again. Just rinse them in the sink or pop them in the dishwasher and you can reuse them to freeze another delicious meal.

Keep Your Veggies Green

Freezing produce and perishable items is an easy way to extend their lifespan. No one likes to load up on fresh fruits and veggies just to see them go bad a few days later. Fruit is always a great item to freeze, but veggies could use a little prep-work. If you want your veggies to hold up in the freezer, boil them for a few seconds and then put them straight into a bowl of ice. When they finally get cold, put them in the freezer and they’ll be good as new for weeks on end.

Smelly Proof bags keep your food fresh in the freezer while minimizing freezer burn. We even tested our Smelly Proof bags to see how well they keep food fresh in the freezer. We left the bags in the freezer at 0° F for 16 hours straight and them moved them immediately into a humidity chamber with a temperature of 120° F for 8 hours straight. By the end, no significant change to the food sample was detected.

Thaw Your Meat

Meat makes a great addition to any freezer, but you should let the meat sit at room temperature for a few hours or even a full day before you put it in the pan. Cooking frozen meat can leave some areas undercooked, which may lead to the spread of bacteria. If you want to decrease the amount of thawing time, cut up your meat before you slip it in the freezer.

You can use a box of small Smelly Proof bags to store sliced chicken or individual hamburger patties. These bags can be uses at any stage of the cooking process, whether you want to marinate your meat in the fridge before you light up the grill or if you want to store some piping hot corn in a Smelly Proof bag and save it for later.

Freezing food is even more convenient when you have a box of smell-proof plastic bags at your disposal. You can use Smelly Proof bags to store almost any food. Grab the sizes that are just right for you at Smelly Proof to make the most of your freezer foods.

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