Fun Things to Keep Your Kids Busy This Summer

Now that another school year is coming to an end, you might be wondering how you can keep your kids busy throughout the summer when you’re stuck at the office all day. When school isn’t in session, some parents find it difficult to create educational, rewarding experiences for their children. But there are lots of ways to keep your kids safe when they’re not in school. Start planning your kid’s summer vacation today!

Put Them in Charge of a Fun Art Project

Whether your kids are old enough to be home alone or they’re under the supervision of a babysitter, you can help your kids pass the time by giving them some fun art activities to complete. Ask them what art they want to do and you can find lots of inspiring ideas online. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on supplies and you can see what your kids have made when you get home from work. Whether they pick clay or paint, glitter, glue, crayons or pens, keep their art supplies in durable Smelly Proof bags which have lots of sizes for lots of stuff.

Send Them to the Local Park for a Picnic

Summer is the best time of the year to plan a picnic. It’s a great way to get your kids out of the house and away from the TV. If your kids are headed to the local park to enjoy a delicious meal in the sun, have them keep their food in Smelly Proof bags. That way they won’t have to worry about a rogue animal or a wave of insects trying to get at their food. The entire meal can be secured with FDA approved Smelly Proof, so your kids can eat in peace.

Sign Them Up for Summer Camp

If you really need to give your kids a structured activity throughout the day, you can always sign them up for summer camp. Talk to their school and see if they offer any summer classes or special groups that your child might want to join. Some of these programs can be relatively inexpensive. This can be a great opportunity for your kid to learn about the outdoors, a new sport, or more about one of their favorite activities. Pack away all of their things in Smelly Proof bags to keep them organized and always keep their foods in a Smelly Proof bag to keep foods fresh and the surroundings odor free.

Summer means spending more time outside. Keep the smell of food out of the air with Smelly Proof bags. Get ready for summer and order Smelly Proof bags today!

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