The Smelliest, Most Nutritious Fruit on Earth

Why You Should Add Some Durian to Your Diet

Durian fruit is becoming increasingly popular in the U.S. Harvested from the fields of Southeast Asia, this proclaimed “king of fruits” is known for its succulent, creamy taste, potent smell, and high nutrition content. Learn about all the health benefits of this amazing gem of an ingredient, but be weary of the smell. Keeping some durian in your fridge will overwhelm the rest of your perishable items unless you take a few precautions.

How to Use Durian Fruit

You can find durian fruit at your local supermarket in the produce section or at a specialty health foods store. You’ll recognize it by its large size and hard yellowish shell with protruding spikes. If you pick up a piece of durian fruit, you can expect to get about two cups of delicious pulp. You can throw it in your juicer to make a fresh cup of durian juice or a healthy smoothie. You can eat the seeds raw, fry up some pulp in a pan and add it to a soup, or use the pureed pulp in a delicious dessert such as ice cream or pie.

Health Benefits of Durian

Durian is packed full of nutrients, including 4 grams of lean protein, manganese, vitamin B6, potassium, vitamin C, antioxidants and thiamine. Durian goes above and beyond the nutrients offered by some more commonly-used fruits like bananas, apples, and oranges. It has a rich, filling interior that can reduce a person’s risk of cancer, prevent heart disease, lower blood sugar and combat infection. While the vitamins and minerals found in durian have been attributed to these health benefits, the scientific community has yet to study the full effects of durian on humans.

Storing Leftover Durian

If you’re interested in trying durian for the first time, don’t forget that the fruit features a highly potent smell that might drive you to chuck it in the trash. But its powerful smell doesn’t mean that the fruit is rotting. It just means that you should think about wrapping the fruit in a smell-proof bag before putting the leftovers in your refrigerator. That signature durian smell will blow right past a piece of foil or a regular plastic bag. It’s best to go with something that’s designed to block powerful smells like the bags from Smelly Proof. These durable bags stop odors in their tracks, so you don’t have to worry about durian stinking up your entire kitchen.

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