The Best New Gear for Overlanding

Go Off-Road with These Vehicle Modifications

With spring right around the corner, ‘tis the season to go off-road. If you’re like most outdoors enthusiasts, you don’t want to limit yourself to paved roads. You want to forge your own path, exploring new sights and natural wonders that go beyond a traditional tourist attraction. But going off-road means taking a few risks. You never know when you might end up stranded in a desolate place. Stay safe and take these off-road accessories on your next trip.

MaxTrax Mini

So, your tires got stuck in another snow trap or a bog of mud. Good news, the MaxTrax Minis are here to make your life a lot easier. Just like the name implies, these miniaturized pads are designed to give your car the maximum amount of traction. You can pull yourself out of the messy wilderness and get back on the road.

ARB Linx Controller

Going off-road these days usually means bringing a host of smart electronics along for the ride. If you depend on electronic devices to keep you safe in the wilderness like differential locks, additional lighting, emergency contact assistance, a compass or a GPS guide, you can control all these gadgets using the ARB Linx Controller. It simplifies your life by combing all these controls into a simple handheld user interface. No more pacing around, looking for the magic switch. Just keep the Linx Controller mounted near the dashboard and you’ll be good to go.

Smelly Proof Bags

There are some pretty sweet kitchen setups out there, but none is complete without some good storage options. When it comes to overlanding, large Smelly Proof bags are a favorite since they can hold enough to pack together a meal for a small group or seal away snacks for the whole trip. Need a last-second solution to keep dirty gear from spreading mess or house small tools conveniently? Smelly Proof bags are strong enough to keep up with any overlanding adventure.

Baja Designs LP9 Light

The crème de la crème of aftermarket lighting, the Bajas Designs LP9 Light will help you take the outdoors by storm. Its wide, circular shape covers more of the ground in front of you, so there’s less of a chance that you’ll wind up in a ravine. These small but powerful lights produce 11,000 lumens over a 200-degree arc. Now that’s visibility.

Grypshon Grypmat

Looking for a place to rest your tools as you try to revamp your engine in the middle of the night? You might need the Grypshon Grypmat, an innovative piece of rubber that you can use to create a workspace out of thin air. It can balance on almost anything and it comes with a no-slip surface that stops your tools from rolling away in the night.

If you love going off-road, don’t forget to bring along a box of Smelly Proof bags. Whether you’re sleeping under the stars or just enjoying an extended day trip, these bags will lock in smells, so your food doesn’t end up in a bear’s mouth. Order a box today before you venture off into the wilderness!

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