Low Cost Winter Backpacking Gear for Staying Warm on the Go

Protect Your Personal Items with These Backpacking Tips for Winter

With all the snow, ice, and slush this winter, keeping your personal items warm and dry can be a daunting challenge. You never know when a rogue puddle or an unexpected snow storm might disrupt your daily to-do list. No one wants to show up at the office or a friend’s house soaked from head-to-toe. Whether you’re sending your kids off to school or exploring the outdoors in the dead of winter, use these backpacking tips to keep your winter items safe and organized.

Wrap Up Some Extra Clothes

Even with all your waterproof winter gear, there’s always a chance that some moisture will slip inside your clothes. If you bring along an extra pair of socks or pants, keep them secure with some heavy-duty storage bags like these outdoor travel bags from Smelly Proof. You can keep your extra clothes warm and dry, and if you need to change into your dry clothes halfway through your trip, you can stick your soggy clothes right back in the bag, so there’s zero chance that you’ll get the rest of your stuff wet. Smelly Proof bags are also odor-free, so you don’t have to deal with the dreaded stench of mildew.

Protect Electronics from Moisture

Nearly everyone carries around a smartphone, tablet or laptop computer these days, so it makes sense to use some reinforcements when you’re lugging all that expensive equipment around in the middle of winter. Try using some waterproof plastic bags for another layer of protection. Even the tiniest amount of water can ruin those electronics that you cherish so much, so why take the risk? Smelly Proof bags come in all shapes and sizes, so they’re perfect for wrapping large items like laptops and tablets.

Use Smelly Proof Plastic Bags to Protect Food

If you’re packing a lunch for work or school, keep the moisture out with Smelly Proof plastic bags. Designed for indoor or outdoor use, these extra-durable bags lock out moisture and smells, so you don’t have to worry about unpacking a soggy lunch when you arrive at your destination. They’re especially useful in wetter climates like Iceland (check out these articles about backpacking in Iceland and the Iceland travel guide) which has been a hot travel destination the last several years.

Give yourself some peace of mind this winter and order a box of Smelly Proof bags today!

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