Smelly Proof on QVC!

Keep Odors at Bay with Smelly Proof

Have you heard the news? Smelly Proof is on QVC, the nation’s number-one home shopping network. The segment shows you exactly how Smelly Proof works including the ability to lock odors inside the plastic bag, so you don’t have to worry about strong smells taking over your fridge or house. The hosts of the show put some of the smelliest ingredients on the planet inside a few Smelly Proof bags including blue cheese, coffee, and garlic. Instead of filling the live television studio with all sorts of mismatched smells, Smelly Proof kept these strong odors at bay. Not one trace of these scents ever left the bag. Now that’s the magic of Smelly Proof.

How to Use Smelly Proof

Smelly Proof was designed to keep strong odors where they belong, sealed inside a BPA-free plastic bag. When you store foods in your fridge or cabinets in normal plastic bags or Tupperware, all kinds of strong smells are bound to sneak through, contaminating other foods and turning your house into the odor equivalent of a garbage disposal. But you don’t have to worry about your cheese smelling like the chicken you’re marinating for dinner or vice versa. Just put your ingredients, leftovers, or fresh produce in Smell Proof and you won’t smell a thing.

How Smelly Proof Works

The live demonstration will help you understand what makes Smelly Proof so special. While they might look like ordinary plastic bags, Smelly Proof is actually reinforced with a thick layer of nylon that prevents even the strongest of odors from slipping the cracks. There’s also a double zipper on the top, so you can make sure that the bag is firmly closed.

You can also use Smelly Proof on outdoor items like fertilizer, animal feed, or seeds for your garden. They’re durable enough to keep bulky items sealed for long periods of time.

You can purchase Smelly Proof on the Smelly Proof website where you’ll find a range of sizes and styles for all your storage needs. Get rid of your odor problems with Smelly Proof.


odor-proof bags on QVC
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