Jobs That Require a Great Sense of Smell

How to Make a Living by Following Your Nose

Did you know that some people make their living by using their sense of smell? Sniffing out different scents can be a full-time job, as companies and manufacturers try to come up with the best smelling fragrances. From perfume to aromatherapy, these are the jobs that require you to stay on your nose. Looking to keep smells at bay? That’s what Smelly Proof bags are for!

Perfume Maker

While there are countless salespeople and retail managers that must wield their sense of smell, it all starts with the perfume maker. Mixing and matching different scents in their lab, the perfume maker is responsible for deciding what works and what doesn’t. You might think that combining a few rosy scents together is a no-brainer, but, in fact, the perfume maker must carefully select each note in order to concoct a balanced fragrance that will sell to the masses. Exposing the nose to so many intense fragrances can be confusing to the brain. That’s why expert smellers like a perfume maker will take a whiff of what are known as “odor neutralizers” like coffee beans or peppermint. They’ll keep these items sealed in an odor-proof bag and open them when they need to cleanse their palate.


Oh, the healing power of a good smell. Aromatherapy refers to the art of using essential oils to harmonize the body and mind. Essential oils, all-natural volatile aromatic compounds from tree bark, seeds, roots and other plants, can be used medicinally for all kinds of aches and pains, poor digestion, circulation issues, and other common health problems. As a master of scents, an aromatherapist will surround you with soothing fragrances that will melt your problems away. With so many competing smells in the air, it’s helpful to have a few Smelly Proof bags on hand, so the aromatherapist can quickly contain the smells that aren’t being used.


Wine is full of subtle complexities, unless you’re drinking the cheap stuff. A sommelier is responsible for sussing out the many notes, scents, and flavors in every bottle of wine. Usually employed by a restaurant, the sommelier will pair the wine with a dish based on how the two compliment one another.  The next time you enjoy a fancy meal out, remember that someone carefully chose the food you’re eating and the wine you’re drinking to create a memorable dining experience that you won’t soon forget. With such a delicate balance of smells running through the air, sommeliers, like perfume makers, often cleanse their nasal palate with bags of coffee beans and other odor neutralizers.

Odor Tester

We use all kinds of products to keep ourselves and our homes smelling clean and fresh. But all those products must be tested thoroughly before they reach a store near you. Who’s doing all that testing? Odor testers, of course. Whether it’s a new line of deodorant or a lemon-scented spray for cleaning your coffee table, these professional smellers must make sure that every product results in a sweet, amenable scent for you, the consumer. To make sure that the odor tester is approaching each scent with a clean slate, the company will wrap certain products in an odor-free bag, like the ones from Smelly Proof. As soon as the bag is unsealed, the odor tester can get back to work.

Odor testers are also responsible for making sure that a product has no odor whatsoever. When it comes to locking in unpleasant odors, Smelly Proof bags passed with flying colors. These durable plastic bags will keep those nasty smells at bay, keeping your home, office and car odor-free. Take the smell out of your life and grab a box of Smelly Proof bags today!

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