The Most Popular Candies in the U.S.

Get Ready for Halloween with These Candy Favorites

Halloween is nearly upon us and that means it’s time to load up on all things sweet. Candy has become one of, if not the most important part of celebrating this spooky holiday, especially if you’re under the age of thirteen. Kids everywhere will be dressing up in all kinds of fun costumes as they take to the streets in search of sugar-stuffed goodies. In honor of this age-old tradition, we’re counting down the most popular Halloween candies in the U.S. according to USA Today. See what made it to the top of the list.


Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

It should be no surprise to see Reese’s at number-one. Nearly everyone loves the decadent combination of chocolate and peanut butter. It creates a sweet and salty taste that’s nearly impossible to resist, unless you’re allergic to nuts. Manufactured by the Hershey company, Reese’s rakes in $509 million dollars every year. Make sure that you keep your Reese’s sealed in a Smelly Proof Bag and in a cool environment, as all that chocolate and peanut butter is bound to get messy.


These tiny color-coated chocolates are a staple of any Halloween diet. They’re small enough that you can keep on eating them without a second thought. That’s one of the many reasons why M&M’s are number two on this list, currently pulling in $500 million in sales a year. Once you open a pack, you pretty much have no choice but to finish off every last piece.


Few candies can claim as much flavor as the illustrious Snicker’s. Combining caramel, nougat, peanuts and lots of chocolate, this candy bar packs one mighty punch. Just over $456 million in Snicker’s are sold every year, filling countless bags of candy this Halloween season. Here’s a tip: stick them in a Smelly Proof bag and pop them in the freezer for a hearty crunch.


It’s hard to say no to a legend. Known to many as the original candy bar in the U.S., Hershey’s offers a simple, smooth chocolatey taste that just melts in your mouth. With countless varieties, this classic bar leaps off the shelves with just under $325 million in sales every year.


You won’t find a crunchier candy bar than the mighty Kit-Kat. With its irresistible cookie crunch, Kit-Kat has become a legend all its own, earning just over $300 million a year.


Keep your Halloween candy fresh long into November with Smelly Proof bags. These storage bags lock in odors and keep air out, so you don’t have to eat all your candy at once.

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