Top Fall Hiking Destinations in the U.S.

Best Fall Hikes for Enjoying the Scenery

Fall is one of the best times of the year to get outside and explore. Leaf peepers, get your cameras ready because we’re counting down the best fall hikes in the U.S. See all the colors of the rainbow and start planning your fall getaway today.

Acadia National Park, Maine

As one of the state’s main attractions, Arcadia National Park offers a variety of visual treats that will surely help you get some more “likes” on Instagram. Filled with large rock formations, must-see foliage, and spectacular views of the Atlantic, you’ll have no shortage of photo opportunities. The beaches also tend to clear out this time of year, so you can waltz along the shore like you own the place. Nothing beats the immense beauty of one of our most geographically diverse states.

Roxborough State Park, Colorado

This rocky rollercoaster is not for beginners. If you like to stick to flat, paved surfaces, you’re probably better off hiking around downtown Aspen. Roxborough State Park has made a name for itself as one of the most challenging parks in the state. Thin, all-natural trails weave their way around massive burgundy rock formations that seem to shoot up out of the ground like geysers. When fall rolls around, the hills come alive with all sorts of colors. The views are so astounding that you might just have to pitch a tent and spend the night underneath the stars. If you plan on camping or spending the night outdoors during your trip, you need to make sure that you don’t leave food out or you might cross paths with a bear. Luckily, Smelly Proof bags are bear rated, so long as you make sure no food gets on the outside of the bags. They keep odors locked in, so you don’t have to worry about attracting all kinds of critters to your campsite.

Aspen Vista, New Mexico

Just outside of Santa Fe, you’ll find one of the country’s most unique state parks. Aspen Vista isn’t your typical fall destination. Instead of filling your eyes with endless shades of red and orange, the hills turn yellow, creating a visual effect that you won’t find anywhere else. If you come during the height of the fall season, taking a hike will make you feel like you’re exploring a distant alien planet. If you find a souvenir from Mother Nature on your adventure, you can always throw it in a Smelly Proof bag, so the dirt doesn’t grime up the rest of your stuff.

Mount Mansfield, Vermont

Mount Mansfield is a classic example of a picturesque American countryside. You’ll see rolling hills lit up with rustic reds, yellows, and browns. Far away from congestion of the Berkshires, the cozy town of Underhill is the perfect place for a romantic weekend in the country. It’s filled with aging barns, expansive farms, and, of course, delicious homemade cooking. Climb to the top of Mount Mansfield for awe-inspiring views of Lake Champlain. If you feel like going for a dip in the lake, you can stash your clothes in a few Smelly Proof bags, so your entire bag won’t smell like mildew.

Have your own Fall adventure planned? Let us know where your headed in the comments below!

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